Physiotherapy Services

If you are suffering from recent or longstanding injury, pain, or car/work accident, we are here to help you.

At Pedal PT, we strive to be different from the run-of-the-mill, big-box offices, and are here to provide you a better client experience with:

  • One on one sessions with a skilled PT – no aides/techs, and NO double bookings!
  • A modern ‘non-clinical’ office, that has been awarded in both Sustainability and Bike Friendliness, and even client indoor Bike Parking!   
  • Skilled hands-on techniques and evaluation skills to determine the root cause of your symptoms
  • Client-focused goal setting, not ‘insurance focused’ goals
  • Emphasis on education and self-treatment, leading to faster recovery, and a strong ‘game plan’ for your future health goals
  • Specialty services, medical Bike Fitting, and cycling-specific skill training
  • Supporting Our Local Community; Monthly “Free Coffee For Bicyclists” Events on Clinton

Disclaimer: Our office is not just for cyclists, and ~50% of our clients have non-cycling pain/injury complaints!    

Since 2012, we’ve helped thousands of clients eliminate pain and get back to daily life + activity without painkillers, injections or invasive surgery!

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Bike Fitting

Spring has sprung, and ‘Bike Fitting Season’ is HERE! 

Many riders are just getting back in the saddle this year, which means it’s the perfect time to re-assess your Bike Fit positioning!

As combined Physiotherapists and Bike Fitters, we help the full gamut of riders in Portland, including:

  • Experienced riders having anew onset of pain on longer rides from no apparent reason
  • Riders having symptoms after installing new equipment such as cleats, saddles or handlebars
  • Racers looking to go faster and ‘level up’ this season
  • Riders that just ‘don’t feel comfortable’ on their bike, but who would like to ride/commute this year
  • Newer riders, including computers, e-bikers, or riders that purchased a new bike
  • Riders that are ‘changing disciplines’ this year, ex: moving from a hybrid/upright riding to road, mountain or gravel cycling bikes
  • Riders looking to evaluate their current Bike Fit position so as to purchase a new or custom bicycles

A professional Bike Fitting can eliminate pain, optimize your efficiency, comfort and handling, and help you ride more. . . and hurt less!

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