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Figure out Bike Handlebar sizing

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Want to know more about Pedal PT and how we got started? This great, 2min movie includes footage from about 7 months worth of community events (our monthly Free Coffee For Cyclists, partaking in the Division/Clinton Street Fair and parade), as well as providing client injury care, bike fitting, and general shenanigans with our Clinton neighbors. All video, editing and production credit goes to Kevin Neidorf   


Did you know? The 3rd Thursday in April is “National High 5 Day’ and has always been one of our favorite “Holidays” of the entire year. Thus, we decided it would be fun to combine  it with our monthly Free Coffee for Bicyclists event on Clinton, which turned out great! Believe it or not, this short fun film was featured during the 2016 Filmed By Bike film festival, and was nominated for a ‘Local’ Award! 


If you Google “Bike Fitting” you are going to find an ENDLESS amount of information, and much of it is false.

Here, Kevin Schmidt goes over the Top 3 Myths of Bike Fitting, from a Facebook Live recording — Some of these may surprise you!

Core Stability for Cyclists-  5 part Video series

We felt the need to offer an efficient core workout for cyclists looking to get stronger, faster and more efficient on the bike. Grab a ball, click the link, learn the exercises, and give it a go- You’ll thank us later..