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Don’t let pain stop you from reaching your goals.

Your first step in eliminating pain and discomfort while cycling is a professional Bike Fitting

If you Google “Bike Fitting” you’re going to get a LOT of information, and much of it is false!

On average,  85% of all bicyclists experience some form of knee, back, neck/shoulder, and/or saddle pain when riding. Despite this fact, most riders assume it’s just part of riding a bike and suffer through it, hoping their symptoms will just go away. 

We’re here to tell you that riding a bike can and should be pain-freeand since 2012 have been helped thousands of cyclists ride with more comfort, power and general enjoyment on the bike.  The first step begins with a properly tailored bike fit and cycling assessment.


“. . . I love my bike and will have him fit me to any bike I ever own. Small problems in your bike fit can add up to lots of discomfort over time- I really feel more people would be riding more often if they had their bikes precisely adjusted to their bodies. Worth every penny.”

–Madeleine H     Portland, OR

“I’ve ridden for years and have always thought I could adjust my bike according to tips from friends and reading from various resources. After years and years of cobbling together my bike fit, I went to Pedal PT. Kevin was really helpful and worked with me on my what my goals are for the specific bike. I’ve waited about a month to write the review. . . I wanted to make sure the fit had worked.

I’ve done several rides that range from commuting a few miles to work to doing a century. The bike feels great. I would highly recommend Pedal PT for bike fits ranging from racing to commuting.”

–Rawls M.   Portland, OR

“I’m really glad I came into Pedal PT for a bike fitting. My neck, shoulders, arms, and upper back would ache every time I got on my bike, but I didn’t know why. Kevin made a few adjustments to my seat and handlebar position that made a huge difference.

Everything feels much better now. Time and money well spent.”

–Robert S.    Portland, OR

“Great experience. The clinic is in a great location and walking in you will immediately be impressed. The staff is extremely friendly. Kevin is very professional and knowledgable. After doing a biomechanical assessment I then got on my bike. Fitting was precise and advanced. I have had many bike fits in the years of racing and Kevin’s work is great. Extremely satisfied with everything and am happy to spread the word. Thanks.”

— Tim M   Portland, OR

“Having injured my knees while bike touring the West Coast, I thought the only solution was to return home [to the UK] – however Kevin at Pedal PT saved my tour and I can’t thank him, or recommend Pedal PT more highly.”

–Rupert S.   Abthorpe, UK

“After about 400 miles on my bike fit, it’s safe to say that my knee and saddle-related issues have been fixed. Pedal PT did a great job setting up my Pivot Mach 6 mountain bike and cleats. They truly understand the mechanical and biological sides of the equation and were awesome to work with.

Between the tools and equipment they have and their medical expertise and professionalism, it’s like a doctors office in a bike shop or vice-verse. Thanks [Pedal PT], you totally turned around my bike season!”

Robby M., Hood River, OR

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What makes a Pedal PT bike fitting different?

The #1 reason people get a Bike Fitting is because of pain. This includes neck pain, knee pain, back pain, wrist pain, numbness/tingling and discomfort while riding.  And yet, 95%+ of all Bike Fitting performed in the US is by bike shop employees and individual who have NO training or education in the evaluation, assessment and treatment of pain.  

Let’s face it, a bicycle is a fairly simple, adjustable machine, and anyone with a set of Allen wrenches and a goniometer can “do bike fitting”.  Many times, the ‘big box’ shops have poorly trained, inexperienced fitters driven by commission and up-selling of equipment, so buyer beware!

The human body however, is a much more complicated system of muscles, nerves, tendons and joints and each one of us is 100% unique. It is with this uniqueness that we feel that the best bike fit service is one that relies on the comprehensive understanding of your body, and true cause of your cycling symptoms. We are medical clinicians first and foremost, with over 16 years hands-on experience, helping thousands of cyclists over the years.   

“The bike is adjustable, and the human body is adaptable. The art and science of Bike Fitting utilizes the knowledge of both for an optimal outcome.”

As specialized Physical Therapists for cyclists, we’re in the ‘body business’ first, and not the ‘bike business’.  Always remember that fancy, expensive bike-fit tools are still just tools. . . and only as good as the individual using them.

Our office has worked with cyclists of all levels, from elite to absolute beginner including road, race, touring, Enduro, gravel-grinders, cyclocross, Randonneur, tandems, recumbents, and even a hand-bike or two. Being located on a busy bike greenway has also allowed us see a great number of commuters, e-bikes, cargo bikes, folding bikes, delivery bikes too.

Since 2012, we have performed 1400+ Bike Fitting sessions, so you can be assured you are getting the highest quality, non-industry biased Bike Fitting in the business today! 

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social-icon-2 Bike Fitting Menu  

 Basic Bike Fit  -$170  

The perfect solution for those looking to get an optimized Bike Fit for road, commuter, hybrid, mountain, and/or single-speed bikes without clipless pedals/shoes (i.e. block pedals, and/or toe clips.)

  • Initial Bike Fit interview and intake to direct and focus your fit based on your specific cycling goals and concerns
  • A health-history and off-the-bike motion screen to assess symmetry, and components of flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance that would affect your cycling experience.
  • We then place and level your bike on our custom, proprietary stationary trainer, allowing you to safely pedal while we observe the motions, postures, and applicable ergonomics to your bike fit.
  • Hands-on assessment of each component and aspect of bike fit: positioning of foot, knee, spine, shoulders and wrists/hands
  • Adjust bike as appropriate to the saddle, bars/stem, and brake levers/shifters.
  • Cycling education / skill instruction as applicable, and appropriate
  • Includes a follow-up Bike Fitting visit within 30days of initial visit!
  • 60minutes

 Complete Bike Fit- $235  

  • Includes all aspects above, plus:
  • Assessment, adjustment and fit of cycling cleats / clipless shoe systems  
  • All pedal systems: LOOK, Speedplay, Time, SPD, CrankBros, Garmin, PowerTap, etc.
  • High-level performance-specific screening, asymmetry assessment
  • On and off the bike self-management tips, techniques
  • Skill drills for optimal postures, pedaling and cadence
  • Advise on possible equipment choices for improved fit, performance and/or comfort
  • Includes a 30min follow-up visit within 30days after initial fitting
  • 60minutes

Cleat Fitting- $70

  • Adjustment and dialing in of cycling cleats only*  30 minutes

* Adjusting the cleats does make significant influences to saddle height, positioning and pedaling mechanics, so fitting of the cleats alone is recommended for those individuals that have had a previous Bike Fitting at the office for optimal outcome.

Sizer-Fit  – $240     . . .Ready to go down the ‘rabbit hole’ of Bike Fit?

  • We have a Calfee Sizer-Cycle that allows for manipulation of ALL aspects of a cycling frame for assessment: Seat/Tube angles, tube lengths, adjustable cranks for infinite possibilities!
  • Can dial in all styles of bike geometry from road, gravel, and mountain . . . and everything in-between!
  • Perfect for those looking to  build a custom bicycle, and need specific measurements to give to a builder
  • Can assess sizing of multiple bikes and geometry to figure out what bike would fit best before purchasing the bike!
  • Add a Complete Bike Fitting to your Sizer Fit for and extra $120!  So, once you get your bike in hand, you can come back and get everything dialed in to the millimeter!

Triathlon/Aero Bike Fit- $267   

“Aero” is a difficult cycling position to master, and has many body vs bike components to address. We’ll help you break it down and address these aspects with a specialized Physical Therapist. This service includes everything in the Complete Fit, as well as:

  • Aero-bar positioning/adjustment
  • Triathlon-specific skill training/flexibility/core strength education as appropriate.
  • Perfect for those looking to go fast and learn appropriate positioning, skills, tips for time-trial and aero positioning for Triathlon/Time-trial competition.
  • 90min

Tandem Bike Fit- $299   

  • Includes everything in Complete Bike Fitting and adjustments/positioning for two tandem riders, including clipless pedal system adjustments for one or both riders.
  • 90min

NEW: Virtual Indoor Cycling Bike Fit (for Peloton + similar bikes) – $159

  • Virtual 1-1 ZOOM interview and discussion regarding any pain occurring on indoor cycle
  • Video assessment / discussion of riding position
  • Advise on positioning errors and at-home adjustments
  • Up to 45min
  • —> For Home Visit, 1-1 Indoor Cycle/ Peloton Bike Fit options, please contact us!  

Follow-Up Bike Fit- $110

  • Continued adjustment, skill instruction, and fine-tuning of your fit
  • Re-calibrating of your bike fit after new equipment installation or purchases
  • Applicable 30+ days after the initial Bike Fitting
  • Applicable following any of the above Bike Fit scenarios.
  • For tandem bicycles the follow-up price $130

Equipment Changes + Recommendations

  • Believe it or not, but ~70% of all bike fit equipment sold at an ‘industry’ Bike Fitting is unnecessary for symptom resolution.
  • Please note: We do not sell equipment, stems, bars, etc, at the office.  But if you do in fact require new equipment, heres how we handle it:

Our focus has always been in supporting our local bike shops, and therefore often will write you out a specific “bike equipment prescriptions” so you can purchase what you truly need,  and it helps support our local bike shops!  (Even better, if you ask nicely  they’ll happily install that new equipment for you too!)

Bike Fit Covered by my Health Insurance or HSA/FSA?

Possibly!  This service can be covered by health insurance or HSA/FSA, and would need to determine ‘medical necessity’ by performance of a Physical Therapy Evaluation visit first. Please call or email us for more information.


Give the Gift of Pain-Free Cycling  Bike Fit Gift Certificates NOW Available

Bike Fit Gift Certificates always make for a great Birthday or Holiday Gift, and are good for 1year from the date of purchase. We’ll even gladly mail them to you to make it easier for you! Call or email us to reserve yours today!