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Kevin Schmidt – PT, MSPT, Pedal PT

Following a dislocation/fracture of his elbow during a high school basketball game, Kevin experienced Physical Therapy first hand, and after a full recovery was immediately sold on the career path.  Kevin went on to receive his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy (MSPT) degree from Grand Valley State University (Michigan) before promptly moving to Portland in 2002.

After becoming a year-round bike commuter in 2007 and experiencing numerous cycling-related pains himself, Kevin’s interest in cycling pains and Bike Fitting concepts prompted him to take extensive continuing education in becoming the very first certified ‘Bike PT’ in Portland, OR.  He founded Pedal PT in August of 2012.

Kevin strives to promote the benefits of Physical Therapy while leading an active, ‘car-less’ lifestyle throughout Portland, and has been featured in BICYCLING MagazinePortland Monthly Magazine, DETAILS Magazine, Bicycle Transportation Alliance,, and Portland Pedal Power, and was an invited speaker at the 2017 American Physical Therapy Association’s national conference.

Outside of the office, Kevin enjoys spending time reading and learning new things, riding his bike, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife and two kids, ages 16 and 14.

He is also an enthusiastic supporter of the role of the Physiotherapist in managing cyclists and Bike Fit, and created an educational course for PTs to learn Bike Fitting, called the The Pedal PT Online Academy.  and also developed the very first wheel-on bike trainer to accept all wheel, tire, and axle sizes, called The Portland.

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Brian ‘Ziggy’ Yellin, PT, DPT

Ziggy, a transplant from Houston TX in 2003 graduated from Pacific University PT school in 2010, and defines himself as an “Uphill Athlete” with trail running and ski mountaineering volcanoes in the PNW. In the winter, Ziggy enjoys backcountry yurt trips with friends.  In the summer, he enjoys surfing at the coast. In the fall, it’s trail running, and he’s a year round bike commuter. Through over 20 years of Ultimate Frisbee, Ziggy pushed his athleticism and found his partner and community.

In 2019, a chronic Achilles pain prevented him from participating in all the above. Instead of chalking this up to simply being too old and time to tone it down, Ziggy decided to become a PT patient himself. He finds PT to be about mindset, sense of self, and healthy habits that are in your control. PT enabled him to get back to and continue to participate in the activities he loves and communities that are important to him.

Ziggy is excited to join the team at Pedal PT, and loves hearing all the adventures of his patients who want to keep doing what they love to do — and he loves being the PT that helps make that happen.

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