Are you a Physical Therapist interested in joining Pedal PT?

As we’re growing, Pedal PT is always on the lookout for great, aspiring PTs (with great orthopedic skills!) who are passionate about cycling and want to learn clinical BikeFit.

Interested?  Please send us your resume, and we’ll reach out to see if you’re the right Fit for Pedal PT!


Physiotherapy Services

Pedal PT is OPEN and accepting new and returning clients!

Pedal PT is committed to serving our community, and currently all services are performed 1-1, and by appointment only for both PT and Bike Fitting services.

If you are suffering from recent or longstanding injury, pain, or car/work accident, we are here to help you.

At Pedal PT, we strive to be different from the run-of-the-mill, big-box offices, and are here to provide you a better client experience with:

  • One on one sessions with a skilled PT – no aides/techs, and NO double bookings!
  • A modern ‘non-clinical’ office, that has been awarded in both Sustainability and Bike Friendliness, and even client indoor Bike Parking!   
  • Skilled hands-on techniques and evaluation skills to determine the root cause of your symptoms
  • Client-focused goal setting, not ‘insurance focused’ goals
  • Emphasis on education and self-treatment, leading to faster recovery, and a strong ‘game plan’ for your future health goals
  • Specialty services, medical Bike Fitting, and cycling-specific skill training
  • Supporting Our Local Community; Monthly “Free Coffee For Bicyclists” Events on Clinton

Disclaimer: Our office is not just for cyclists, and ~50% of our clients have non-cycling pain/injury complaints!    

Since 2012, we’ve helped thousands of clients eliminate pain and get back to daily life + activity without painkillers, injections or invasive surgery!

Call us today: 503-894-9038 

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Bike Fitting

As combined Physiotherapists and Bike Fitters, we help the full gamut of riders in Portland, including:

  • Experienced riders having a new onset of pain on longer rides from no apparent reason
  • Riders having symptoms after installing new equipment such as cleats, saddles or handlebars
  • Racers looking to go faster and ‘level up’ this season
  • Riders that just ‘don’t feel comfortable’ on their bike, but who would like to ride/commute this year
  • Newer riders, including commuters, e-bike, or riders that purchased a new bike
  • Riders that are ‘changing disciplines’ this year, ex: moving from a hybrid/upright riding to road, mountain or gravel cycling bikes
  • Riders looking to evaluate their current Bike Fit position so as to purchase a new or custom bicycles

A professional Bike Fitting can eliminate pain, optimize your efficiency, comfort and handling, and help you ride more. . . and hurt less!

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