Cyclocross Accelerator Program NOW available until 9/6!

‘Cross is Coming!

You asked . . . . and we listened!

For years, we would have riders asking for a complete package to get both their body and Bike Fit fully dialed-in for the rigors of Cross season!

So, we’re super excited to announce our Cyclocross Accelerator Program package!

Our Accelerator Program is specifically deigned and formulated to:

  1. Level you up quickly, and learn more about your unique body and fitness: Strengths + weaknesses,  and simple effective ways to improve your weak spots – This could include issues with flexibility, mobility, strength, previous injury limitations, and/or balance/coordination- We’ll assess all of that and give you concrete, applicable techniques to apply- tailored specific to your needs!
  2. Get you dialed-in and strong, confident, quick and fast on your bike, and to assess all aspects related to your Bike Fit, and answer questions/concerns such as: if you would benefit from new equipment; the limitations of your current set up; and/or if you are in need of some drastic changes this season!
  3. Give you tools to strengthen the most common deficits cyclists commonly have, including core strength, glute /hamstring weakness, knee control, and/or balance, and give you strategy and programming to implement into your current training to make you as well-rounded and ‘injury proof’ as possible!
  4. Take the guesswork out of  your Bike Fit, and what exercises you should focus on for maximized training time and results!

If this sounds like you.. READ ON!

Our Pedal PT Cyclocross Accelerator Program includes:

  • A full-body Physiotherapy assessment, with full health-history review, previous injury assessment, and evaluation of flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Hands-on techniques as appropriate. Once deficits are identified, we prescribe you your own individual “Top 4” exercises/stretches specific to address and improve these areas – Remember, knowledge is power, and allows you to minimize time while maximizing results!  1 hour
  •  A Complete Bike Fitting , making appropriate adjustments to cleats, saddle, and bars as appropriate, as well as discussion on limitations or other ways to maximize your positioning for ‘Cross. 1 hour
  • ‘Beyond the Core’ cross-specific exercise instruction: Remember, a strong engine is only as good as the stability of the chassis it sits upon- and a strong core is essential for Cyclocross racing! We’ll teach you specific exercises specific for your current strength levels, as well as progressions and ideas to ‘bulletproof’ your abdominals, hips, and glutes! 45min
  • ‘Dynamic Control’ training of the knees, hips and trunk. Strength is great, but putting all the pieces together during coordinated movements is another story! We’ll teach you level-specific training to understand compensatory motions both on and off the bike to maximize efficiency and control during highly dynamic activities, like Cyclocross! 45min
  • 2 (TWO) 30-minute Normatec recovery booties sessions After hard training and racing, nothing beats the wonderful, pneumatic massage of the Normatec—  and the very same unit used by all the top Pro Teams!  If you’ve never tried these before, it can be a definite game-changer for your recovery and having ‘fresh’ legs!
  • A Physio Follow-up session to ensure full understanding of your programing, Q +A, and/or further adjustments to your Bike Fit set up! 45min

If you ever wanted a truly ‘complete’ program, specifically tailored to your body and goals by  a medical professional, this is the program to kick-start your Cyclocross Season! 

Limited Time Offer available until Friday, September 6th!

For a very limited time period, we’re offering this full package of 7 sessions to kick-start your Cyclocross Season— over  $1000 of value . .  for only $497!  (— or a more affordable plan of 2 (two) monthly payments of $265!)

Now is the time to get ready— Cyclocross Season will be here very soon—  and we’re here for YOU!

And if you act quickly. . . for the next 4 to sign-up, we have some extra SPECIAL GIFTS: We’ll throw in 2  of our popular ‘Prescribed to Ride’ water bottles and a pair of Pedal PT cycling socks!

Space is limited, so contact us ASAP before the cutoff of 5pm on 9/6/19!